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These podcasts are all free.

All you do is download them to your desktop or player. Enjoy! I have listed mostly podcasts that you can download directly to your desktop. These have MP3 download choices, along with others. The reason I list these is that they are easier for me. Feel free to download these any way you want.

And be looking for even more podcasts here soon. I am checking each link individually in the next few weeks in order to comment on them and make sure they have more than one download choice available for you.

Flylady podcasts on Blogtalk Radio - clear your clutter! Click inside the blue box at the right to stop the current show from playing, then download the MP3 file of your chosen podcast at the left or scroll down.

Daytipper podcasts- tips, time-savers, more

Mosa Empowering Podcasts An Alternative Information Nexus

Mountain Mama Radio (crochet)

Craft Radio Review Sewing, quilting, more

Terry O Radio: empowering creativity Crafts for kids, getting a job on TV

Hay House Radio Includes Dr. Wayne Dyer - but requires registration. Darn.

Success DNA's Wealth Talk America

Renegade Ebay Sellers has podcasts, a video, and advertises their book. The last one was in 1997, though, but they are good.

The Druid Podcast - enjoy learning about history, Druidism today, Celtic lore, and more from a real Druid.

Old Farmer's Almanac podcast - this is the Archives page. You can either listen online or download the MP3 file.

BBC Radio podcasts - news from the BBC, your ticket to what is really going on in the world.

The Financial Aid Podcast - free tips on how to get financial aid for college.

Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Page - Steve helps people realize their dreams. Learn how to be successful, and tune in to other mind-expanding secrets. It's like having a FREE personal coach.

Psychology podcasts "Mind Podcasting for everybody" - learn about how people tick - especially in groups. Learn about ystems psychology - group psychology - more. Prepare to think deeply!

Positive Talk Radio - (decription from the Live 65 site) - this podcast is all about change - in yourself and in the world around you. Check out the archives at the right.

Get a Mentor at

Positive Thinking Radio Podcasts (Stress management, Test taking,

Note taking and Time management)

Insta Spanish podcast - all levels

Start-up Nation Radio

The Tim Knox Show - (Your Personal Business Advisor)

Intermediate and Advanced Spanish podcasts

Colorado Career Center podcasts (studying abroad, making a resume)

Study skills podcasts at Lifehack (scroll down, these are on the left)

Podcast Alley Education podcasts (scroll down to see these too)

MBA Podcaster - getting into business school, going for your MBA, working global, more

Harvard's Computer Science E-1: Understanding Computers and the Internet

These radio programs are all different lengths. They will play on your computer, your earphones or IPod player.


The Digital Podcast Directory

BlogTalk Radio

Podcast Alley

Podcast Empire (Canada)

Podcast Pickle

Podcasts for your personal life


Below are some radio stations I've found where you can join for FREE and select your own kind of music, old-fashioned radio shows, special interest shows, talk shows, and more to listen to.

Live 365

Download FREE ITunes software here

and download YOUR favorite Podcasts or radio stations directly from the site.


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